Briefly in English

Welcome to the swimming bath Kuohu in Kangasala! We have modern facilities for swimming, water running, exercise groups not forgetting children: a kiddy pool for babies, children’s pool (max depth 90 cm) and a 40-meter water slide! We have also a 1-meter spring board and a 3-meter diving tower. The exercise pool has massage showers and right next to it we have a small dipp-in icy water pool.

Please check our opening hours from here. The price table can be found here.

How to find Kuohu?

Local busses (TKL) number 40A, 40B, 42, 42K come to the Kangasala center from where you’ll walk in a couple of minutes to Kuohu. By car, you can take the road number 12 (Tampere-Lahti) and take the exit to Kangasala center. You’ll see the Kuohu swimming bath in the crossroads.

Visiting a swimming hall:

  • Please find enclosed common instructions for visiting the swimming hall bath Kuohu:
  • In the lobby of the swimming hall, there is a cash desk where you pay the entrance fee.
  • Men and women have separate dressing rooms, shower rooms and saunas.
  • The locker in the dressing room can be opened / locked with a card you’ll get from the cash desk when you pay the entrance fee.
  • Swimming time is 1,5 hours.
  • Before going to the sauna and swimming, wash without a swimsuit or swimming trunks. This is important for ensuring good hygiene.
  • It is prohibited to use underwear under a swimsuit, swimming trunks or shorts.
  • Long hair should be tied on a pony tail.
  • A swimsuit or swimming trunks may not be taken into the sauna. When necessary, you can enter the sauna wrapped in a towel. In this case, it is a good idea to take two towels with you to the swimming hall. You should wash after the sauna as well as after going to the toilet.
  • You can borrow swimming goggles and exercise equipment and swimming aids for children. Ask assistance from the life guards.
  • Parents are responsible for their children at the swimming hall. Children under 9 years or children who cannot swim, must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Although the floor surfaces of swimming halls are covered with anti-slippery tiles, wet floor surfaces may still be slippery. In swimming hall premises, you should behave calmly and considerately.

For more information, please read the enclosed instruction:
Instructions in English
Instructions in other languages

Any questions?

If you have any questions regarding visiting our swimming hall, services etc., please contact our customer service or the life guards by sending an e-mail to